High Rise Design

The following Hi Rise buildings are designed using full three-dimensional analyses using ETABS program. Reduced member stiffness, P-Delta analysis, response spectrum dynamic analysis, and accidental eccentricities are incorporated for lateral load cases. Drift control analyses are maintained for all structural systems. Raft on piles foundation designs were performed using thick shells and solid element models (SAP) or using thick shell models only (SAFE).

High Rise Design Buildings:

Among our society, urban community is developing and prosper in such a rapid ay that makes it a must to provide it with a high-design both residential and office buildings that meets all modern technological aspects.

That's where "High rise Buildings Designs" takes this role; to recreate the old- fashioned-use for the100-years-used steel, and reinvent with it a whole new vision for new buildings having both benefits of the steel strength and modulus elasticity, taking in consideration the efficiency of fabrication and structuring.

Al-Obeikan Tower

Project    Al-Obeikan Tower
Type        Hi-rise building
Location Riyadh , KSA
Client       Al-Obeikan
Date         2009
Scope     Structural Design and Drawings