Urban Design

Urban Design and Planning

Site facility master planning; strategic asset management; initial and detailed master planning; site development plans; liaison with local planning and building authorities.

Of the name; Urban Design, is a way of not only designing buildings, but also it is the whole process accompanied with planning, engineering, and large scale management of public places and areas.

On a larger scope; to better define "Urban Design" we may include every small aspect supposed to be designed and planned in a district or a city, which will in turn serve the public and the whole community.

"Urban Design" has recently developed to include other many forms of more specific urban designing fields, such as; strategic urban design, Landscape urbanism, sustainable urbanism, Water-sensitive urbanism.

If you imagine that to work in designing urban is an easy task, you may need to reconsider this again; since you need to prove yourself aware of so many scientific fields to plan and design a functional, attractive, and sustainable urban areas. For instance; you better acquire a strong knowledge in physical geography, social science, and an appreciation for disciplines, such as; real estate development, urban economics, political economy, and social theory.

In a word; it's an overwhelming Job that needs special qualifications.

Important to say that, "Urban Design" is always overestimated for being a sign of recreating Utopia, while it is just contemporary mankind hard trails to make our world a better place as it used to be once using Urban designing.