City planning and development

City planning and development

Strategies and development plans based on differential features and assets; revenue generation projects; land use utilization and development strategies; infrastructure management and development plans (roads, bridges, tunnels, water, sewage, electricity, natural gas, parks, housing, waste management, …etc); strategies for developing slum areas.

One of the main concerns that minds "City Planning and Development" Department; is how to provide all residents of Tshwane a suitable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly kind of life that better suits them.

"City Planning and Development" Department works in cooperation with many other different departments, that makes from the idea of planning, more efficient Capital City, an applicable idea.

Strategic planning applied by "City planning and Development" department to coordinate tasks among them and other departments is accompanied with its ability to promote and guide the spatial and physical development of the city through integrated, strategic developmental and regulatory frameworks.

City Planning and Development Department provides guidance towards the design and the development of the Municipality’s spatial form by leading spatial transformation through: land use management, spatial planning, development management and facilitation, and built environment and enforcement, to create an efficient Capital City.